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Industry Premiere DJs

Club DJs

Potentially larger audiences, greater responsibilities – A DJ plays with records, a disc jockey plays records.

Nightclub DJs

The forefront of of the DJ industry, exposure is greatest and the competition is at its height. Genre specific DJs for the clientele requiring niche trends and musical tastes.

Bar Social DJs

Bar social venues can often feed into club venues. Bar social DJs provide a wider array of musical genres with an embrace of popular contemporary records.

Resort DJs

Holiday resort DJs have must have an appreciable understanding of popular music and learn to apply it appropriately at the right time and for the age group of guests. Resort DJing is a long term commitment.

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Nightclub DJs

Nightclubs are places usually with several bars, a cloak suite, lounge area, sometimes a restaurant. The most prominent feature of a club is usually the larger scale dance floor. It is not uncommon to find venues with more than one floor, each playing a different style.

There are the superclubs, the chain franchise clubs and then there are the small underground establishments. People form their own groups and subsequently will visit a certain venue relating to their tastes and musical preference.

The rules of djaying apply more importantly here than perhaps any other dj performance. Themed venues often require a genre specific playlist. Your DJ has to know the requested style to a profound level.

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Essential Styles

  • Electro House Music
  • Funky / Soul House Music
  • Techno
  • Drum ‘n’ Bass
  • Dub Step
  • Commercial and Club Classics

Largely dependent on the theme of the venue. If already established as a club classics venue, then the DJ should perform within in this style and only on occasion drop segments of present.

Professional DJ Mixing

Mixing Style


  • Longer crossover mixes
  • Subtle changes in beat patterns
  • Musical key matching is important
  • Crowd teasing techniques
  • Crescendo builds and engineered breakdown sections
Respectable DJ Chat

DJ Chat

On the whole in contemporary dance based clubs, chatter is little to nothing, although any respectable DJ should have the decency to give thanks to the guests at the end of the session or introduce the next DJ.

Not a hard and fast rule as some themed clubs promote a more banter driven DJ befitting of genre and majority age-group

Bar Social Entertainment

Bar Social DJs

Social bars in the UK are a well developed trend and you’ll find numerous quantities of them in any city or large town. The majority of social bars you find in the cities feed onto various nightclubs either by arrangement or in relation to the present perceivable kudos an establishment has.

Quirkiness in small doses has its place and a theme attributed to a style can really generate a defining ambience within a venue. Music is a large segment of the key to a venues success. You could have the best looking and most expensive decor that money can buy; if your mood isn’t right then your customers will go somewhere else.

We live in a fickle generation, micro-changes in moods permeate more quickly than say 20 years ago. Your Bar Social DJ should respond to the crowd and observe them and their reactions, your bar may not be geared towards large groups dancing, however the DJ should still elicit a good connection with guests and introduce feel good emotions with an occasional peppering of nostalgia.

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Essential Styles

  • Dependent on theme of bar
  • Primary demographic of group
  • Season of year (winter, summer, Christmas)
  • Popular contemporary
Experienced DJs for hire

Mixing Style

  • Radio edit versions.
  • Short crossover mixes
  • Verse and repeated chorus with a mix to new track during the middle 8 (bridge)
  • Subtle tempo and key changes.
  • Genre change requires an intermediate track that bridges to the two styles.
Nottingham DJs for hire

DJ Chat

  • Light
  • Not too frequent
  • Announcements if appropriate.

Resort DJs

Djaying at a holiday resort or on a cruise ship requires a strict discipline and the DJ will often be working on a closer level with the venue staff and management. Courtesy and professionalism are paramount in firm balance with fun and banter.

Different time slots in the evening often a command different playing styles and genres. This is influenced somewhat by the age groups often present at generic venues. Families and younger persons will generally be present early on the evening and subsequently will require more popular mainstream music. The later periods can evolve into deeper genre specific music.

Resort DJs
Professional Resort DJs

Essential Styles

Varied, the majority of resorts are family orientated and guests are continent wide if not global. Popular music features high on the list, however nostalgia is high up there too. You want the most versatile of DJ’s to perform here. The resort DJ must be comfortable with all age groups and be able to relate on any level.

Nottingham Mixing DJs

Mixing Style

All our DJ’s have to know how to mix, and they are not allowed to rely on technology because we believe that auto-mixing removes the soul from music flow. Music style will change more frequently throughout the evening, however changes should not be too radical (applies to all performance djaying).

Bpm rates will invariably be wide in scope and this type of transition is more crowd friendly than genre clashing.

Resort DJs for hire

DJ Chat

Banter and chat back is more frequent, involving the guests is preferable and encouraged.

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