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Corporate DJ Hire

Corporate DJs

DJs with presentation and personality. Potentially larger audiences, greater responsibilities – A DJ plays with records, a disc jockey plays records.

Professional Staff Party DJs

Staff Party DJs

Staff parties don’t always take place around Christmas, many companies choose to have events at other times throughout the year. Whatever the reason for the event, you still deserve to have quality entertainment provided by professional people with extensive experience.
Professional Awards DJs

Awards Ceremonies

Award ceremonies can take an extensive amount of preparation and planning to execute successfully. With so many attributes involved in the presentation, lighting, sound, visual (video and graphics) it is essential you find the right company to handle your important event. We are partnered with one of the UK’s leading event management companies.
Professional Product Launch DJs

Product Launches

Store promotions, product launches and themed events require confident DJs who aren’t afraid to talk on a mic and engage with customers and staff. We have DJs who are very capable in hosting competitions, talking up products whilst delivering an appropriate and appreciable selection of music to appeal to customers.

Book a DJ for your corporate event

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Staff Party DJs

More frequently we are being asked to entertain staff party events throughout the year other than Christmas. Most of work in this sector comes from local businesses who know of our abilities.

We work hard to avoid the typical office party mantra that is so often stereotyped through the television and media. At the very least we provide you with a DJ who wants to entertain your staff and not themselves.

Professional Staff Party DJs
Staff Party DJs for hire

Essential Styles

Diverse age groups and request ready guests

  • It’s a party – people want to dance
  • Disco
  • 80’s electro and pop
  • Funk and Soul
  • Commercial chart / dance
  • Club Classics
  • Rock classics
Mixing DJs for Staff Parties

Mixing Style


It’s definitely in the mix for an office party as people will come up and ask for their song which often have some meaning to a certain group within the office.

Mixing form is high profile, with plenty of teasing moments to entice the crowd. Mix lengths tend to be shorter with most song durations being about 2.5 minutes.

Party classics can benefit from full song play when appropriate.

Respectable DJs for hire

DJ Chat

Usually more banter and play with the crowd. A good DJ will be bright and talkative to guests coming up for requests, finding out music favourites from the office wag.

A good selection of introductions, announcements and perhaps presentations as required.

Awards Ceremony Entertainment

Awards Ceremonies

You’re proud of your company / organisation and you value your staff and leaders; you want to recognise their achievements. Everything is there, the sound system, the lighting and the multimedia experience; enhance the event with a professional DJ and compeer.

With so much effort being channelled into an event, it deserves the appropriate level of professional entertainment that comes only with experienced DJs.

Award Ceremony DJs

Essential Styles

Music befitting the event, image and guests

  • 80s Popular
  • Soul
  • R’n’B
  • Uplifting Chart
  • Disco Classics
Professional Awards DJs

Mixing Style

It’s not uncommon for DJs to build room tension with catchy foot tapping music representing several eras. Most awards ceremonies involve a sit down silver service meal and so music in the background should be at a comfortable volume and the selection of a more relaxed style.

As the night progresses and guests want to start moving about your DJ will introduce tempting tracks to entice the guests onto the floor. Once the groove has been established the mix style will follow the cross genre method with appropriate bridging tracks to eliminate sudden changes in groove feel.

Hire DJ for Ceremonies

DJ Chat

Its not uncommon for our DJs to be asked to compare and arrange a series of stings (music introductions) for each award.

With this type of event there tends to be a noticeable amount of pre-planning setting out the timetable concisely to ensure that the event progresses smoothly.

The DJs we employ for this type of event are well versed in making adjustments on the spot should a need arise.

Product Launches

Advertising in the modern world often utilizes media that stimulates numerous senses. The most obvious is visual and then usually touch. The addition of sound tailored to the customer you want to attract can really help retain them in your store. Setting the correct ambiance for the right sort of clientele can facilitate a good platform to promote your product(s).

The music selection has to be relevant, exciting and transition neatly in a continuous flow, all this is taking place whilst the DJ engages with guests and customers.

Product Launches
Entertainment for Product Launch

Essential Styles

More contemporary genres are common

  • Product and clientèle dependent
  • Dance based content is popular
  • Club classics
  • 90’s R’n’B (nostalgic)
  • Electro house
  • Divas and Dudes
Mixing DJs for Stores

Mixing Style

Plenty of opportunity to show off mixing skills with breakdowns and acapellas utilised to spice up the generic flow of otherwise normally accessible music. Some music classics can benefit from the 12″ version, if popular enough.

Entertainment for your customers

DJ Chat

  • Store item promotion
  • Competition and prize draws
  • Free gift promotions
  • Regular announcements
  • Customer interaction
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