How much does dj hire cost

What should you expect for your money

Booking a DJ – How much does DJ hire cost


Before you go looking for a DJ, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of answers to common questions that you are likely to be asked by businesses you enquire to.

  • What is the event for (wedding, party, promotion etc.)
  • How many guests are you expecting
  • How long do you need a dj (start / finish times)
  • What age groups will be attending
  • Does the DJ need to provide sound and lighting equipment?
  • Where is the venue located

You want a DJ most suited to your type of event. It’s important to remember that there are different categories of DJs some of whom would be entirely inappropriate for your event.

Event organisers are commonly asked by DJ’s how many guests will be attending in order that the correct amount of sound and light equipment can be provided to accommodate the numbers.

How long is the DJ going to have to perform for? Most sessions for private parties and wedding are in the region of 4 hours; expect to pay more if play times are longer.

Knowing what age groups will be present helps ensure you get an appropriate DJ who knows and has material to cover different tastes. Weddings are more eclectic where as a school prom goes deeper into a narrower set of musical genres and periods.

Will the DJ have to provide sound and light equipment, a few venues have installations and therefore negates the requirement for a DJ to bring and setup such equipment.

Where is the venue? We are regularly asked to perform in remote (long distance) locations, both nationally and internationally. The expenses for travel, food and accommodation might have to be factored in.

Setting your budget for a DJ

“How important is it that my guests are entertained well and that the room looks great?”

Your budget will to a point dictate which category of DJ you end up hiring. They only way to answer ‘ how much does dj hire cost ‘ is by recognising what kind of night your really want your guests to have.

Categories of DJ from initiate to pro

  • Local hobbyist / bedroom DJ
  • Part time performer
  • Regularly active DJ entertainer
  • Full time DJ business / company

It is extremely rare for the home dj / hobbyist to

  • have much in the way of practical performing experience
  • be able to field much in the way of sound and lighting equipment.

The part time performer is likely to have built up some entry level equipment, suitable for small gatherings and will have some experience of performing to a live crowd.

A regularly active DJ will usually have invested more funds into better sound and lighting equipment and have both the skill and knowledge to entertain a crowd and keep things interesting.

Finally a DJ business that employs multiple DJs will most likely have a wide and deep experience for different event types. They will be able to offer a matched, proven DJ for your event along with superior, more expensive equipment that looks good visually  and sounds impressive aurally.


So How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

(based on 120 guest event)

For the hobbyist£140.00 (Just don’t expect too much)

The part time DJ£175.00 – £225.00 (Somewhat better, but limited in knowledge)

The full time performer£275.00 – £350.00 (Is very likely to give you the night you want)

The DJ business£375.00 – £450.00 (The pro level, the best option for a great night)

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