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Hire a Mobile DJ

Mobile DJs

Our mobile DJs come with both personality and manual mixing skills (no push button unskilled cheaters)

Professional Wedding DJs

Wedding DJs

Are you a couple getting married? Probably the most important day of your lives, service, food, photography, company and the other essential ingredient, entertainment – you wouldn’t hire an inexperienced photographer would you? Hire a DJ who works to please the guests not themselves.
Professional Party DJs

Party DJs

Whether your celebrating your step into adulthood, gathering your friends and family for an evening of nostalgia, showing off your engaged partner to guests or you are just wanting to throw a great party, we have DJs with both the experience and charisma to energise your event.
Professional Student Event DJs

Student Event DJs

Student parties in common rooms, halls of residence, marquees and 3rd party venues. You’ll find us everywhere laying down blazing tunes for student balls, school proms, society dinners, fraternity socials and fresher welcome events. The music has to right and we have the DJs who will deliver.
Professional Christmas Party DJs

Christmas Party DJs

Arguably the most important party season of the year; the nights have drawn in and work is often intense leading up to Christmas. Ensure you throw the best party you can for your guests by making certain you hire a DJ who can respond musically to the room and make an event entirely memorable.

Book a Mobile DJ

Hire a Nottingham DJ from Bassline DJs 6 months in advance and get 20% discount.

Wedding DJs

We have many years experience amongst our DJs in relation to wedding events. Most people have been to at least one wedding event where the DJ was substandard and had no experience or crowd appreciation. We recognize how important wedding reception entertainment is and how integral a part it plays in the entire wedding package.

Wedding DJ Services

For more information on the services we offer on weddings, please go to our wedding page.
Professional Party DJs

Party DJs

Birthday parties are on a par with weddings in respect to DJ demand levels. Parties tend to feature a higher percentage of guests focused around the celebrating individual’s age. Musical tastes can vary in genre but are more often centred around the birthday persons era.

Professional Party DJs

Essential Styles

Music Genres to suit your party and guest mood

  • Requests a certainty
  • Crowd evaluation essential
  • DJs always thinking ahead
  • Wide scope of genres through multiple eras

Mixing DJs for hire

Mixing Style

Short mixes between tracks, look for key signature compatibility, tempo changes work best in gradual progressive changes. Cutting tracks too short can alienate the crowd at weddings so at least 2-3 minutes is preferable.

All good DJ’s should be able to mix from any genre to another or at least think of a popular bridging track to place in between.

Our DJ’s have to prove that they can do this, we have strict and high standards;we do not employ bedroom DJs with no experience.

Experienced DJs for hire

DJ Chat

Birthdays can involve persons from all ages; we cater for birthdays from the age of 16 upwards. Banter is generic and again dependent on the age peak of the crowd. If the event has a high family population then expect friends and family to communicate considerably during the earlier part of the evening.

If appropriate and it is your wish please ask the DJ to make announcements.

Student DJs

Student events can be the most challenging and yet also the most exciting. Students are very quick to adapt to current trends and are often responsible for popularising new themes and styles.

The DJs we field for these events have been students themselves and so appreciate the mindset and demands of this type of crowd.

Whether it’s the end of the year or just a term time party; you’ll be wanting to unwind along with your friends. Take the disappointment out of hiring entertainment that doesn’t make the grade; instead book a pro DJ from Bassline DJs.

Student Event DJs
Student DJs for hire

Essential Styles

What is the right music? When the crowd is punching the air!

  • Contemporary Chart
  • Some pre-release material
  • Party Classics
  • School Disco Popular in last 7 years
  • Indy Rock, Dance and Electro

Hire a DJ for student party

Mixing Style

Mixing techniques utilising longer mixes with crowd teading elements. The DJ should build positive tension through the musical choice. On occasion at the appropriate moment a chop mix can work crescendo like emotion into the event.

The energy of the night needs to be in constant flux with calculated genre transitions – in plain English – keeping the groove alive and engaging the student crowd with music they connect with and sing along too.

Professional DJ for hire

DJ Chat

Staccato, short burst announcements, the music and its manipulation by the DJ should account for the mood overiding the necessity for any prolonged banter.

DJs sometimes get asked to do shout outs for groups or an individual’s birthday.

Professional Christmas Party DJs

Christmas DJs

We do corporate Christmas parties and private parties. You work hard all year round, when you’ve decided on party during the build up to Christmas, the one attribute that can really gel the night is your music entertainment. We’ve all been to parties that plainly lack energy or flag because of the poor choice of music.

Hire a DJ who listens and responds to the reactions of the crowd; a DJ who works hard to ensure your staff or guests are entertained the entire evening.

Professional Christmas DJs

Essential Styles

Music played at a Christmas Party

  • Modern popular / chart
  • Funk and disco classics
  • Reggae, R’n’B
  • Party classics
  • Festive pop songs

Hire a DJ for your Christmas

Mixing Style

As this is a Christmas party, your DJ needs to be able to mix to a high standard, in other words they should have the ability to mix across genres and decades, choosing the right songs that go well together.

The DJs we employ have to be able to mix genres outside dance by using their ears (not looking at or using digital software).

Whilst the music is most likely going to cover an eclectic range, it should have a continual flow with progressive temp changes and style transitions.

Festive DJs for hire

DJ Chat

It is not uncommon for our DJs to make announcements or to engage with the crowd. We encourage DJs at these events to ask the crowd what they want to hear as well as calling on their wide experience.

Often a DJ may be asked to act as a compare, presenting and introducing people in your Christmas Party with some award or gift.

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