Nottingham Riverbank DJ Hire

A truly excellent venue; a joy to perform here.

A Successful Fusion of Modern Decor With Refined Elegance.

In the last 4 years we have been very fortunate to perform at this venue on a regular basis for a variety of events including weddings, birthday parties and seasonal celebrations. The upstairs function room is very good, providing more than adequate space for performers and DJs. The suite features a good sized bar, the staff are both helpful and friendly – review – Bassline DJs – ” Nottingham Riverbank DJ hire .”

If you’ve never taken the time to visit this location, we thoroughly recommend that you add it to your list of places to visit within the Nottingham locality.

The Riverbank Venue Location

The clue is in the name so to speak. The river Trent runs through the southern part of the city with the vast bulk of the commercial and social attractions situated on the Northern side. The ‘Riverbank’ is the very last building next to ‘Trent Bridge’, it is located on Victoria Embankment, a street that leads into the city park. The views are inspiring and during the summer months there is considerable non commercial activity to be seen on the river.

Access to the site is either a 12 minute walk from the railway station (20 minutes from the city centre) or there is a good sized car park available for visitors.

Hiring a DJ For The Riverbank

Clients are permitted to hire their preferred DJ to provide entertainment in the function room. The DJ has to supply proof of public liability insurance along with a valid PAT certificate; the venue will require copies of these prior to the event. The function room has several layout options depending on the type of event being booked. For a wedding reception there is a maximum capacity of 150 guests, this is based on available space.

Realistically a 1-2KW sound system is more than adequate to project enough presence without over-saturating the room. The ceiling of the performance area is approximately 8 feet high, large lighting rigs are not feasible or necessary.

What Can You Expect To Pay For Riverbank DJ Hire

The question has to be asked ‘how important is the quality and experience of the entertainment you hire?’ Broadly speaking, seasoned DJs with proficient crowd appraisal skills and a complimentary comprehensive music library are going to start from £275.00 for a 4-5 hour play time. For this price a DJ should be willing to meet with you once prior to the event so that you can become acquainted and work out musical choices as well as any finer details of how you want the evening to run.

It’s worth asking how long have they been performing, and if they have a good knowledge of the music you and your guests like. If presentation is important (and we think it should be), ask them about hiding cables, equipment stands and their clothing attire.

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