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horspools luxury retreat event dj

A Beautiful Location - A Stunning Venue Recently we provided the entertainment for a private party at this secluded retreat. On this occasion we were the Horspools luxury retreat event DJ for the celebration of a hen party. With respect to the event organiser, she had...

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Why are DJs so expensive

Why are DJs so expensive - Are they greedy ? Do you believe there are great photographers and mediocre photographers, or perhaps stunning cake makers and standard cake makers. To answer ' why are DJs so expensive ' we have to look at what actually goes into...

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What am I paying for when I hire a DJ

Have you ever been to an event where the music just sucked and nobody danced ? Imagine you are a guest who has been invited to an event, you turn up, go meet and greet, chat with friends and family. Perhaps later on you have some nosh, a couple of drinks and you start...

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Uplighting Wedding Venues

What is venue up-lighting ? Up-lighting units are compact fixtures that usually come in two regular formats, i.e. batten bar strip light and box/can free standing light. Each of the two formats have specific lighting attributes that are suited to...

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How much does dj hire cost

Booking a DJ - How much does DJ hire cost   Before you go looking for a DJ, it's a good idea to prepare a list of answers to common questions that you are likely to be asked by businesses you enquire to. What is the event for (wedding, party, promotion etc.) How many...

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