How much should wedding venue uplighting cost ?

What you should expect to pay for different uplighting packages

What is venue up-lighting ?

Up-lighting units are compact fixtures that usually come in two regular formats, i.e. batten bar strip light and box/can free standing light.

Each of the two formats have specific lighting attributes that are suited to different applications.

Why would I want up-lighting at my wedding ?

Up-lighting can turn a nice looking wedding reception room into a stunning space. LED up-lighting is most effective during the evening section of your wedding event, when the main house lights are dimmed. The darkened room allows the uplighting fixtures to project attractive, colour washes from floor to ceiling.

Par Can – Compact Up-light

wedding venue uplighting cost unit

Very common version of uplights that are somewhat less expensive to hire in for the wired versions. Free standing (wireless) rechargeable units are more expensive to buy and will be reflected in uplighting package costs.

Batten Strip Up-light

wedding venue uplighting batten strip

These upights are great for backdrops and creating full wall colour washes when used with adjacent units. Creates a more theatrical feel, more often used at conference style events or to create a feature wall.

Popular Up-Lighting Packages Available

(Free standing wired units)

8 x LED PAR Cans

par can LED uplighting

Units are not linked, manually set to a preferred colour and remain static (quicker setup time)

£130 – £170

8 x LED Reactive

DMX par can LED uplighting

Units are linked together to create intelligent array that either responds to sound input or a pre-programmed fade/sequence.

£180 – £220

LED Batten Uplight Wall

batten strip uplight wedding venue

Depends on number of units required (average around 6)

£180 – £230

Comparing Costs To Other Wedding Reception Features?

Consider the cost of having chair covers and colour sashes, table decorations, light up love letters, sweet carts and chocolate fountains. How much do these features cost individually? When evaluated against the aforementioned features, wedding venue up-lighting cost is considerably low; you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Interested in up-lighting for your special event?

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