Cheaper is not better by far

Paying the extra for a professional DJ is well worth it

Have you ever been to an event where the music just sucked and nobody danced ?

Imagine you are a guest who has been invited to an event, you turn up, go meet and greet, chat with friends and family. Perhaps later on you have some nosh, a couple of drinks and you start feeling fidgety. You want to move about, but the tunes are not carving out your inspiration, what do you do?

  • Go over to the DJ, ask for a request and being savvy inquire when it might be played (if they have it).
  • Sit there and feel subdued by the tracks being played hoping that things will change.
  • Grumble about it but not actually do something positive.

Have you ever hosted an event to see nobody respond to the DJ and get on the floor ?

You’ve put a lot of planning and effort into your event. You want your guests to really enjoy it as much as possible. The venue is great, the staff are polite, the decor and presentation is upto spec, but it all goes wrong because the DJ delivers a poor selection of material that is uninspiring.

When sourcing a DJ make sure you book one that is willing meet with you prior to the event. A meeting like this is a great way to determine your likes and dislikes before hand, perhaps even visiting the venue to arrange the best place for the setup.

In the end you are going to pay a little more for an experienced DJ. Quality and customer service is very often worth more and contributes to secure the kind of entertainment you and your guests will enjoy.

How many times are you going to get married, be 18, 21, 40  or have your graduation ball?

Hopefully in this life we all get to have each of these once. That being said we’d all pretty much like to have a memorable occasion; if we do end up having a party with a DJ, consider the advice we offer and choose the right person to support your event. Remember, cheaper is not better by far .

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