It's In The Mix

Bassline DJs Nottingham, for folk passionate about EDM and who know what they want
for their special event.
Centrally located in Nottingham, UK, in service since 1998. Inspiring performances,
bespoke productions and unforgettable events.

Bassline DJs Spotlight

One of our leading performer/DJs, Psypha-D-Jay, has released a cover of the classic ‘Meet Her at the Love Parade’. Now available on all the main platforms.

Tailored to Your Vision

Your event is as unique as you are, and we’re committed to aligning our musical expertise with your vision. Whether you’re hosting a pulsating nightclub-themed extravaganza or an intimate beachside soiree, Bassline DJs collaborates closely with you to understand your preferences, theme, and atmosphere. Your event isn’t just another gig for us – it’s an opportunity to weave sonic magic that will resonate with you and your guests for years to come.

EDM Expertise

At Bassline DJs, we understand that EDM isn’t just a genre; it’s a lifestyle. Our team of seasoned DJs are not only music aficionados, but also connoisseurs of the EDM culture. With years of experience under their belts, our DJs possess an innate ability to read the crowd and curate sets that seamlessly blend various subgenres of EDM, from pulsating techno rhythms to euphoric house melodies. We pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled auditory experience that fuels the energy of your event from start to finish.

Essential EDM entertainment for those who want a non-generic DJ performance.

Centred on Dance Music

Bassline DJs have chosen to formally drop broad genre music performances to specialise solely on music appreciated by EDM enthusiasts

Live EDM Performances

The majority of events now feature the integration of live electronic instruments and synthesisers controlled and played by musically talented DJs

Sound & Lighting

Creating powerful, clear sound with bumpin’ grooves using high-quality PA, accompanied by sophisticated FX, laser, and up-light shows to enhance your event venue’s ambience.

The Running Mix Perfected

BPM bliss with complimentary bass & percussion rhythms mixed seamlessly for smooth and silky transitions

The Key to a Harmonius Event

Musically compatible mixing that follow the rules of music theory to create epic, energising performances

Symphony of Samples

Mashups and live remixes on the fly to produce unique versions of club classics and new grooves alike

Epically Electronic

Bips, beeps, buzzes, snaps, thwacks, doomphs, growls intertwined with dizzying arpeggiated lunacy
Bassline DJs

Robot Rock

Bassline DJs presents an electrifying live tribute act to the iconic Daft Punk, immersing you in a mesmerizing journey through their legendary world. Our talented musicians flawlessly recreate the spirit, energy, and captivating sound that made Daft Punk a global phenomenon. Prepare to be spellbound as we bring the magic of Daft Punk to life, delivering an unforgettable experience that will transport you and your guests to the heart of the EDM culture.

Get ready to lose yourself in the euphoric beats and infectious rhythms of one of the greatest electronic music acts of all time. Discover the electrifying atmosphere, unparalleled energy, and unmatched entertainment that only Bassline DJs can provide. Book your event now and let us create an unforgettable night for you and your audience. Join us in celebrating the power of music and let the pulse of Daft Punk ignite your senses.

What do Bassline DJs have to offer?


Electronic Dance Music spanning 80s to now


Highly experienced club performing DJs


Musically trained and certified professionals


Musicians Union registered and supported


PAT certified equipment

Where are we located?

While Nottingham is our home, our beats know no boundaries! We are delighted to offer our top-notch DJ services throughout the entire mainland of the United Kingdom. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or a private party, we’re ready to bring the party to you, no matter where you are.

Distance is No Barrier:

Distance may separate us, but it won’t keep us from rocking your event. We understand that celebrating life’s moments can take you far and wide, which is why we’re committed to making your event memorable, whether it’s in the heart of Nottingham or in the picturesque countryside.

We love to travel, but we do need to cover our wheels! For events within a 25-mile radius of Nottingham, you can enjoy our services with no additional travel costs. However, for those who are a little further afield, please note that there may be additional fees for travel expenses. Don’t worry; we’ll work closely with you to ensure our services remain affordable and exceptional.