Live EDM

Live EDM Performances: Where Rhythm Meets the Moment

In the ever-evolving world of live DJ EDM experiences, the use of live electronic instruments brings a whole new dimension to the music you love. Imagine being immersed in a pulsating atmosphere where the beats are not only created but also performed right before your eyes. With live electronic instruments, the potential for an unforgettable experience skyrockets. These instruments allow DJ Musicians to manipulate sounds, create unique melodies, and infuse their own creative flair in real-time, resulting in a dynamic and personalised performance for the audience. By incorporating live electronic instruments, performers can seamlessly blend their tracks, layer captivating melodies, and add spontaneous elements, all while maintaining a connection with the crowd.

Whether you’re a seasoned EDM enthusiast or someone new to this electrifying genre, the use of live electronic instruments ensures that each moment is an exhilarating journey, leaving you craving for more. So, get ready to lose yourself in the euphoric energy, as live electronic instruments elevate the DJ EDM experience to new heights and leave you mesmerized.

EDM Equiptment: We’re gear geeks

The quantity of electronic instruments available today are staggering, with many of the low cost units featuring capabilities that musicians and performers could only have wished for a generation before now.

Drum machines

Drum machines are essential tools for EDM DJs and music producers, playing a crucial role in creating and organizing rhythmic patterns with precision. Iconic models like the legendary Roland TR-808 and TR-909 have profoundly shaped the genre, while modern options like the TR8s, KORG Drumlogue, and Electron Digitakt continue to push creative boundaries. These versatile electronic devices provide the means to customize sounds, control tempo, and deliver dynamic live performances, making them indispensable for musicians and producers seeking to craft the perfect beats and rhythms in electronic music.



Samplers are like high-tech magic music machines used by DJs and music producers.  These machines are electronic instruments that play a crucial role in recording, altering, and blending various sounds, like music notes, vocals, and environmental noises, making them essential for music production. These devices, such as the SP404 MKII and AKAI MPC One, are like digital wizards for DJs and producers, enabling them to transform audio snippets into unique compositions and enhance their music-making capabilities significantly.



In the world of EDM, synthesizers are musical chameleons. They create various sounds using different techniques like PCM, Analogue, Virtual Analogue, FM, and Wavetable synthesis. These methods have evolved from the analog era in the 60s to today’s electronic wizardry, where some synths manipulate voltage while others shape digital bits. For keyboard artists, a premium PCM synth like the KORG Triton Extreme is the Swiss army knife, offering a versatile range of instant sounds for crafting EDM magic.




Grooveboxes are like all-in-one music workstations. Since the humble beginning of the MC303, the modern unit often combines synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and built-in sequencers within a single box. When used proficiently they allow the user to create entire electronic tracks on the fly, layering beats, melodies, and effects to get the party started. These versatile machines are perfect for EDM DJs, providing a compact and portable toolkit for crafting electronic music magic.


FX devices

FX devices, or effects devices, are electronic tools that enhance audio signals in music production. They offer a wide range of audio effects, like reverb and distortion, shaping sound and enabling creative possibilities, much like drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers in electronic music.


Software & Midi Controllers

Software and MIDI controllers are vital tools in modern music production, combining digital workstations and hardware devices to create, shape, and perform music seamlessly, serving musicians, producers, and DJs alike.
Software DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology) have enabled super budget-friendly means of high quality track production that expensive outfits could only dream of 20 years ago.

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